Thursday, April 11, 2013

Disney World... The Happiest Place on Earth!

 I can not even begin to put into words how great our Spring Break trip to Disney World was!  We had the BEST time!  I hadn't been since high school and it had been quite awhile for Ben, too.  This was the kids first time to go.  We wanted to wait until they were the perfect age...young enough to still love the little kid things, but big enough to ride the majority of the bigger rides...and not get completely worn out and whiney.  6 going on 7 years was perfect!!!  They loved it all!  I remember Disney being great, but I think experiencing it with your kids is even better!  It really is the happiest place...and a week away just having fun and being together was just what we all needed!
WARNING:  This post is a long one with a lot of pictures, but this is my scrapbook so I am including it all! 
DAY 1: Magic Kingdom
We started out at Magic Kingdom.  As you can tell from the pics, it was very muggy the first couple of days.  There was a chance of rain, but thankfully we got by without much at all.  The crowds weren't too bad the first couple of days, but they definitely picked up by Day 3.  It didn't matter, though...we still did just about everything we wanted to.  Magic Kingdom was perfect for our first day!
Waiting for the Winnie the Pooh ride
 Tea cups...Ben sat out on this one!
Our first character...White Rabbit
Call us crazy, but we rented a double stroller for our 6 year olds.  Worth every penny!  It definitely minimized the whining and complaining.  This rascal was scared of a few rides, so he got some one on one time with Mom/Dad while his dare devil sisters rode and loved everything!!!
They only got to swim one got cooler towards the end of the week.
Chef Mickey's for dinner with all of the characters...

What's a vacation without a couple of souvenirs, right?  All smiles! 
 Waiting for the Light Parade
DAY 2: Hollywood Studios
Up bright and early ready to head to the park
Waiting for Toy Story Mania...we loved it!
Lunch at Hollywood & Vine...
June from Little Einsteins
Handy Manny
Special Agent Oso...Oso and Noah kinda look like twins.  It's the eyes!  :)
Beauty and the Beast show...I loved this one!
In front of Mickey's sorcerer's hat
On Anty from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
We did have a brief monsoon this day, but thankfully we were prepared.  We took a break and went back to the hotel for a bit, and then came back for more fun and the Fantasmic show later that night.

DAY 3: Animal Kingdom
I was excited to head to Animal Kingdom, since I have never been.  It was a little bit cooler this day.  Apparently, I didn't study the weather closely enough because we did not pack enough warm clothes.  I just thought Orlando = shorts and sleeveless shirts.  Oh well, we managed! 
Love this one of my girls!
We hit the safari neat to be so close to all the animals!

Waiting for the Lion King favorite!!!

Dinosaur Ride... Can you guess who didn't ride this one?
The sun came time!

DAY 4: Epcot
We deemed this day "Noah day".  We knew Abbie and Bailey were having their special day on the last day (you'll see below), so Noah wanted this to be his day.  He was so excited about Epcot..mostly for Soarin' and he is a gadget boy, so he was excited to see what Epcot was all about.  In honor of "Noah day", he wanted everyone to wear a hat.  :)  This is when the cooler temperatures set in!
 B & B
This pig game was so neat... It was an interactive game where they went to different stations and were trying to save money to pay for college.  Lessons on saving, spending, etc.  Too bad the game didn't result in real $ to put these 3 through college one day!
 Goofballs in front of the big golf ball thing
 Love the characters in the back

Princess dinner at 1900 Park Fare...poor Noah!
 Stepmother checking out Noah's muscles...this was after she asked him how many castles he had.
LEGOLAND at Downtown Disney
The boys with the Hulk made out of legos
Girls with the lego girl
Lego Buzz & Woody
DAY 5: Back to Magic Kingdom (last day)
The kids were so excited about The Hall of Presidents.  I think because Pop told them about the president robots at the end of the show.  Here they are taking the oath of office.
The girls headed to Bippity Boppity Boutique while Ben and Noah got some fastpasses and had a little boy time.
Okay, I finally let it go and let her have the red hair that she wanted so much, although I did try to convince her to at least go with the long hair that matched her hair color.  To no avail!  She loves Ariel...and her red hair!  It was her day! :)
 And there's my little Cinderella who loves all things to match like her mommy.
Beautiful as can be...both of them!

They were in heaven...this whole day!  Worth every minute!!!

Love these girls!
Those princesses sure do love some rides, though!
Lunch at Cinderella's castle...they loved it!  (And just in case you are feeling bad for Noah...He didn't care one bit about the dress up pirate thing or the jedi knight training.  However, he didn't come out empty handed.  He got a couple of extra souvenirs for being such a patient, sweet brother.)
2 Cinderellas and an Ariel
2 Ariels, a Cinderella, and a Noah
Aurora...also known as Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Jasmine...and for some reason she was Noah's favorite.  Hmmmm...ha!
Princesses with their wishing wands in front of the castle
Last family pic
So many much fun!  Definitely a trip to remember!!!

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