Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bball, Valentines, and Bdays

The kids have had so much fun playing Upward basketball at church.  This is the last time that they will ever be able to play altogether again...bittersweet for sure.  I'm happy that they have had so much much fun that they sleep in their uniforms on Friday night, so they will be ready to jump up and go every Saturday morning for their 8:00 game.  Ben is one of the directors, so we will be happy to have a little more of our free time back on Saturdays, but we've made some really fun memories.

 The kids had fun at their Valentines Party at school.  They are having the best year and love their school and friends.  Next year we are taking the plunge and doing different classes.  They say that they are excited to be in their own classes.  The dynamic is changing and competition is setting in a little more, so I think I am ready to see them gain some independence and make more of their own friends.  I think the adjustment and struggle will be more for me in terms of keeping track of all the different teachers, activities, and paperwork and what goes where!

We celebrated Ben's 32nd birthday on February 20th.  How lucky are we to have him in our lives!  He is a keeper for sure!  We are headed to Disney for the first time with the kids soon...and we are on the countdown!
 We celebrated Dad's 60th birthday this past weekend and had lots of fun!  Here's some pics of the whole crew!  I tell you kids still can not get enough of their baby cousins.  They love them so much!  I'm looking forward to the days when they can start babysitting and paying for their own food and activities...ha!

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